Horse Worship

The Red Horse
The Red Horse
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Freedom. Power. Passion.

Horses always ignite my passion. They empowered me as a sickly child. We raced the wind. Flew over fences. Won blue ribbons.

Every day at the stable was an adventure. My love for horses was sated at home by reading about them, painting them or writing stories about them. Peace and excitement centered me in their amazing beauty and grace and liquid knowing gaze. Their sovereign power fed me senses of physical strength, speed and flight unknowable without them. Deep-seated longings and disappointments disappeared into the magnificence of their magical, mysterious, mystical presence.

My breathtakingly beautiful, deep-chested chestnut mare Shelagh became mine when I was 16. We soared over fearful, exhilarating heights, no obstacle too big. We were one. We cleared a towering 5'9" pile of poles in a horse show high jump class. Only once did I momentarily doubt her, that afternoon we flew over a 1949 Ford four-door sedan, its dusty blue metal roof seeming endless until at last we glided back to earth.

Critically Acclaimed Art by Colorist Patricia Obletz